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Ditch Your Cringeworthy Shower Cap—This New Line Is Changing Everything

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Lindsay Colameo

Febuary 15, 2016


"I look hot in my shower cap," said no one ever. But in the name of beauty, those little plastic coverings have saved me hours of blow-dry time, and for that reason I am grateful for their existence. Sure, I look ridiculous, and yes, I typically try to avoid my boyfriend from catching any glimpse of me in my muffin-style cap, but if it's going to help me extend a good hair day a little bit longer, heck, I'll own up to it, these things are genius.

I have no shame in the shower cap department. Be it a fancy lined cap or a cheap plastic one from a hotel, I will wear any of them in an effort to save my three-day-old blowout (truth). But not all shower caps are created equal. While even the most basic disposable version will get the job done and keep your hair from being soaked, the fancy versions actually do a lot more than just that. Like Drybar's Morning After Shower Cap. The combination of a plastic (ethylene vinyl acetate) shell and a terry cloth lining help to protect hair from moisture while you shower. Which, if your hair is anything like mine, can cause all that smooth, blow dried straightness to frizz and bend back to it's original frazzled self (no, thank you). The cotton-lined elastic grip does a number keeping your hairline smooth, but it will leave the telltale shower cap indent along your forehead temporarily after you take it off (c'est la vie). But that's a small price to pay for preserving your blowout.

While the muffin-top style is most familiar, a new brand, Shhhowercap (as seen above) has given the traditional shower cap a serious makeover. These pleated, turban-style caps are easily becoming a favorite for lots of reasons. For starters, they don't look half bad when you wear them. I'm not exactly running errands around town with it on, but I do wear it over a deep-conditioning hair mask (it's great for that) and emerge from the bathroom for a good 20 minutes. The material is a breathable, smooth, waterproof fabric that repels water and looks (and feels) a heck of a lot nicer than plastic caps. Their runway-inspired prints are actually quite stylish ranging from an abstract black-and-white pattern (The Kent, far right) to a cool red-and-black graphic print (The Yonce, left, inspired by the Queen herself). And since the inner band of the cap is lined with a rubber grip, instead of a traditional elastic band, your forehead will be mark-free.

So in the name of beautiful three-day-old blowouts, cap it before your next shower. And don't forget to check out our ultimate guide to dry shampoo here (necessary if you're skipping washes).


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