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The Reviews

people everywhere are loving their SHHHOWERCAPS. Read below for a small selection of SHHHOWERCAP reviews from around the web. 



"I recently received one as a gift about a couple of weeks ago. I have natural hair that I occasionally straighten. My 4b hair with other shower caps instantly swells up in the shower. With this shower cap my hair remains straight and absolutely no humidity gets in. Don’t know how they do it but this cap works! Oh and how can I forget it’s stylish too!"



"Can you legally change your birthday? Just wondering, because my life actually started the day I discovered SHHHOWERCAP. It fits my odd-shaped head, keeps my 'do protected in post-workout showers, and doesn't leave that terrifying Harry Potter scar imprint on my forehead like elastic-banded ones always do. And it comes in prints so good I'm more likely to ogle 'em at Madewell (or Opening Ceremony) than use them in my bathing routine. I can't remember life before SHHHOWERCAP & never want to experience life again without it."



“This is the best thing I ever did for my hair and morning routine. It is amazing, I've had mine for 18 months, I use it 5 times a week and I don't even need dry shampoo anymore. I've given a few as gifts and several ladies close to me have one as well. They all swear by these now.”



“I'm not kidding when I say this: putting my shhhowercap on every morning before I hop in the shower actually brings a *smile* to my face. And this coming from the girl who HATES mornings. Thank you for literally changing tha game for me 👏👏👏 "

- ABBY MILLS, Clothesandpizza


“I love my SHHHOWERCAP! At first thought, it’s expensive. But when you think about all the $6.00 - $7.00 shower caps you continually replace, it’s so worth it. It stays snug and in place and my hair does not get wet”



“These are the best shower caps. I have 2. One for home and one for travel. Money well spent”



“Very effective yet stylish shower cap. Worth the price, it doesn't stretch out and protects every last strand.”



“This is the BEST shower cap I have ever tried and I have tried a few! It is quiet, it stays dry, it holds lots of hair, it is washable. wonderful worth the investment.”



“These are GOLD. 🙌🏼🌟 Modernizing the "ugly" shower cap. Genius. I LOVE mine. You won't be disappointed. They are adorable and durable. I'm obsessed!! You can wash them in the washing machine too!! 😍 😍 😍”


“This is the best thing I ever did for my hair and morning routine. It is amazing, I've had mine for 18 months, I use it 5 times a week and I don't even need dry shampoo anymore. I've given a few as gifts and several ladies close to me have one as well. They all swear by these now.”



“Can I just say thank you for creating something that makes me feel like a glam supermodel even in the shower”



“Incredible product! So grateful that someone finally made a shower cap worth getting excited about. As an avid shampoo-abstainer, I am consistently grateful for the beautiful looks, soft feel, and stellar performance of this fabulous cap.”



“My hair stays dry, I prolong a blowout better than before, and on the days where I have no need to wash my hair, I’ve been able to cut down my getting-ready routine. More time to binge on reruns of Mad Men in the morning. Everybody has their thing, so no judgment, please.” 



“This is the BEST shower cap I have ever tried and I have tried a few! It is quiet, it stays dry, it holds lots of hair, it is washable. wonderful worth the investment.”



“I bought the Kent cap, and it is a total upgrade to the method I had been using. I have this economy pack of cheap, clear shower caps that I'm not sure were meant to be reusable, and I would have to double them up just to cover my whole head. My hair is thick, almost halfway down my back, and I have pull it up in a twist and wrap a bandana on my head before I cover everything with the shower "caps". Sounds complicated, but I execute this task daily while I'm waiting for the water to warm up. I was worried this lovely Kent shower cap wouldn't fit all my hair wrapping, but to my surprise it is roomy and expandable. It fits securely over the head without being uncomfortably tight, and grips so that it doesn't move while keeping water out. It seems to be of great quality, and hopefully will last a long time unlike those throwaways I've gotten used to. My hair does not get wet at all, which it used to all around the sides. The price held me back at first, but I'm so glad to have found this. It also arrives in a magnetized box, which seems reusable for storage or traveling. Great find, and I hope there will be even more styles in the future.”



“Hey SHHHOWERCAP people! Just wanted to email ya and let you knOw that “I’m so happy I got the SHHOWERCAP! It’s one of my favorite beauty products. I’m in college so I share a shower with like 4 other girls. It’s super embarrassing to leave the shower with a ugly plastic showercap, so I’d take my old cap off in the shower and fix my hair up before I left. Too much, right? – I will literally wear this SHHHOWERCAP in the shower, on the way back to my room and until I feel like taking it off. I’m literally obsessed with my BAE. I get compliments on it all the time. In love!”



" I love this shower cap—the little rubber strip on the inside makes it waterproof and keeps it perfectly in place on your hairline. I would even wear it out as a turban. " 

- ASHLEY STREICHER, Celebrity Hairstylist  


“I know that it is a little pricey, but for me, it was worth it. I have long hair, so it is usually impossible for me to use a regular shower cap because it will never cover all of my hair and the elastic is not strong enough to hold it in. This shower cap is lined with material that sticks to my head so my hair doesn't fall out! The material is lightweight and durable, and the design is just so cute. I love it!”



“I am a curly girl and I freaking love this never have to feel dumb with a shower cap and no leaks! hair is perfectly dry”

- @elena04


“This is literally the best shower cap I have EVER had. I had one for about a year before I bought myself two more, and I only bought two more because I travel for work and I wanted one for my quick-pack suitcase that remains packed and one to lend to guests, but I use all three. I love how they look, certainly, but they work SO WELL. They're the only caps that keep my hair completely dry, they're washable, breathable, and they dry quickly too. I hate washing my hair, I do it once a week, and I literally couldn't live without this cap. I LOVE it so so much!! If I were Oprah and had to list my favorite things, this would go on it!”

- @SamRoseAltGard


"I’ve used it twice already and LOVE it! I have super thick hair and don’t wash it more than twice a week normally. I can already tell it’s keeping the style in my hair longer! So much time saved! Found your ad on Instagram! Thanks again for your great customer service!!"



“I'm lucky that I have hair than can stay styled for up to a week, but as soon as I get moisture in my general vicinity, it's over. This shower cap is completely waterproof, even directly under the spigot, and has a strong grip that doesn't leave a forehead crease. Plus, the turban shape is a lot cuter than my old go-to puffy plastic cap.”



“I can't say enough of this shower cap. I just received mine and I'm already obsessed! I LOVE it. Summer is here and that means pool time! My hair was completely dry after my first swim. I'm so happy with it I'm ready to order another one as a back up for travel use.
You don't understand it's the best thing ever!!! I just got mine and I'm obsessed. It works great especially if you swim a lot. Your hair does NOT get wet.”



" The fact that I’m writing a review about a shower cap of all things is proof that it must be one hell of a shower cap— and it is. This product is a game changer."

FAITH XUE, Editor of Byrdie Beauty   


“I have thick, curly hair that falls down my back. In the past, I've had to layer shower caps to reliably protect my hair from getting wet (and it would still get wet somehow). But with this loverly cap, I really don't have to worry. It fits snug without being tight and painful. It's also pleasantly quiet and soft. When I'm all done and take it off, the process isn't made moot by the state of my hair: it's as if I never hopped into the shower. I'm in love, and I didn't think I would be...”

- @Dendriticanvas 


" I've been ridiculously impressed with SHHHOWERCAP and sing it's praises to anyone who will listen. Seeing it in my bathroom every day puts a smile on my face. And it dries super duper fast. Like creepily fast -- how do you DO that? I love that it doesn't leave a wet puddle on my floor. " 

CLAIRE W, New York 


“I got this shower cap about a year ago and it's literally changed my life.  
I went from a 5 day a week blow dryer to 2 days. I used to avoid going to the gym on a good hair day just so I wouldn't have to deal with the bottom of my head getting wet because my shower cap failed, resulting in those annoying curly hairs. But not Shhhowercap. This thing SERIOUSLY works. It stays in place, covers you whole head no matter how much hair you have, and it's actually enjoyable to put on - it made me realize that my hair deserves more than a plastic bag. 
 I love that the pattern/fabric/style goes with the rest of the vibe in my bathroom, so I actually put it on display.”

- @STEPHk89 


" I absolutely love the product! I use shower caps most days and I usually go through them so quickly because it gets dirty and/or the elastic stretches out. But this cap is a life changer! It fits snug and comfortably, protects my hair, and doesn't leave any lines. The chic design adds the cherry on top. I can't wait to buy more as gifts!"



“Love this product! The first showercap I have ever found that not only fits comfortably, but doesn't constantly annoy me when water hits it and makes noise in the shower! Amazing quality. Super cute. A MUST BUY for anyone who can't/doesn't want to wash their hair everyday! Worth every penny and I cant recommend this product enough!”

- @NicPell


“I'm just gonna be blunt here. I hate showering. Although I'm not opposed to feeling clean, I dread getting my hair wet, detangling, towel drying, rummaging for 8 different substances in jars or tubes or canisters or slippery glass bottles, clipping and combing and round-brushing and blow-drying my hair with the intensity and exacting determination of a hybrid glass-blower/blacksmith. I have so many better, more satisfying, more necessary things to do with my mornings.
So, SHHHOWERCAP's kinda the angelic personal assistant cum stylist I dream of employing. My mornings are no longer torturous. (Okay, some still are - I have to wash that mop on occasion, after all.) My hair stays dry in my SHHHOWERCAP. No little swaths slip through. When I take it off, my hair's port-a-preter, and there are no indents left on my forehead. The cap also dries fast, a HUGE plus because I'm a bit of a neat freak.  My mornings are fast and efficient, and I feel like queen of my castle in this damn cute little crown. 
My dirty little secret's out. And I'm totally cool with that, because, well, hell. What other cut-corner looks THIS good?”



“Super high-quality and stylish! I love that it doesn't leave marks on your forehead and that I can easily toss it in my bathroom drawer or luggage without having to worry about whether it will get crumpled or damaged. Bonus: I have a low hairline in the back, and this keeps it dry and undisturbed. This is an awesome gift, too.”

- @Mariange11 


“So, back to my wife, she tells me that’s why she loves your SHHHOWERCAP because she doesn’t have time to wash or dry her hair every day. And since her previous shower caps were ugly, it was a gross reminder that her days were not always her own. Wearing your SHHHOWERCAP has changed that. It’s part of the reason she loves it. It doesn’t make her feel like this important bit of maintenance that she cannot squeeze in every day makes her feel even that much uglier.”



“I got this for my mom for her bday and she lovesss it. We both wash our hair like 2x a week max so having a comfy shower cap really improves the overall experience of not washing our hair (if that makes any sense) anyway just wanted to share that with you and we both took "shelfies" and surprisingly my mom took one all on her own and sent it to me.”

- @TMK189 


" I immediately ripped it open, threw it on my head and got in the shower to test it... ...And it's fabulous!!! As a shower cap aficionado, it gets my 100% approval rating. " 

NICOLE j, blowouts for days, brooklyn


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