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The Chicest Shower Cap You’ll Ever Use

Victoria Moorhaus

June 8, 2016


When I was younger, I remember seeing my grandmother’s shower cap hanging up on the shower rack of her bathroom, right there next to her bar of yellow Dial soap.

She regularly got perms during my entire childhood, so it makes sense that she would take the extra step to protecting her hairstyle — if Legally Blonde taught me anything, it’s that you don’t mess around with water and perms… or Elle Woods, for that matter.

I never used shower caps, though, instead opting for a topknot and dodging from the water, which isn’t the most effective method for protecting a blowout. A few drops, and it’s basically donzo.

Recently, I put my stunt double skills to rest and decided that if I really wanted to make my messy waves last more than 12 hours, a shower cap was a necessity.

Oh, the difference it’s made!

My hair stays dry, I prolong a blowout better than before, and on the days where I have no need to wash my hair, I’ve been able to cut down my getting-ready routine. More time to binge on reruns of Mad Men in the morning. Everybody has their thing, so no judgment, please.

I’m a proud adopter. So, it then seems fitting that I’m interested in testing out any and all shower caps. Why not rotate these babies out like I do my mascara and lipstick?

That’s why Shhhowercap was so intriguing to me. This turban, which comes in a chic black and white print and a hot pink version, is made out of a waterproof fabric that actually feels like cloth—not plastic. It fits nice and snug (but not too tight) and has elastic for a bit of stretch. I have a lot of hair, so that’s needed.

It’s also washable, so you can throw it in the machine along with your towels. #Needed.

When I tested it out, I made sure to duck my head under the showerhead to test out the durability of the fabric. I was putting a lot of faith in this product because I really liked my hair.

I was pleasantly surprised (no damp strands here!) and I didn’t want to rip it off the minute I exited my shower.

I know my grandmom’s shower cap clearly did the trick—I think she may have used the same one for 20 years—but I’m pretty sure she’d dig this one, too. I know I do.


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