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34 Gifts for People Who Think 'All Black Everything' Is a Lifestyle

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Jessica Cruel

July 12, 2017

For me, black isn't just a wardrobe neutral. It's the only thing there is. After about five years of living in NYC, I've realized why New Yorkers are known for wearing black. It's the most practical color you could ever own. Black is the least likely color to show dirt and stains. A black dress fits into any dress code. Black goes with EVERYTHING, whether you're layering on a bright color or just more black.

But why stop at clothes? If you ask me, all black everything is a lifestyle. It goes beyond fashion. And that's why I've gathered together this covetable list of black beauty products, jewelry, housewares, and more. Keep reading for stylish black gifts that will feed your dark side.

Is it a showercap or a chic turban to wear on bad hair days? No one can really tell the difference. Honestly, I'd wear this black hair accessory in the tub and at the office.


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