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Why should I use a shower cap?

Most beauty blogs will tell you to cut down on your washes because it's better for your hair. And it is.
Less shampoo and less styling means less daily damage to your gorgeous locks. See here. However, we're also into shower caps for another reason. We're busy! If we can protect blowouts on amazing hair days and save a ton of getting ready time? Yes, please. Using a shower cap is literally like giving you more hours in your day.


Why should I use a SHHHOWERCAP®?

We took a look at the world's existing shower caps and realized that as much as we needed them, they were actually horrible. Extremely horrible. And they made women feel horrible. Which is just ridiculous. So, we set out to create a version that would make women feel amazing. We evaluated it for both form and function. It wasn't enough for SHHHOWERCAP to look good (we're not superficial) it had to work better, too. So we listened in focus groups. We asked women with different hairstyles and lengths, and we identified pretty much every problem that existed with what is currently on the market. And then we fixed it. 

The patented rubber grip provides a secure fit for better hairline protection.

The pocket in the back holds all of your hair without flattening your volume.

Our super premium performance fabric is antibacterial, machine washable, lightweight and breathable for anti-humidity, and on top of all that -- it shakes off dry so there is no more drippy mess on your bathroom floor.


Wait, machine washable!?

Yep! You can wash SHHHOWERCAP in a cold cycle and line dry. Please follow the care instructions on the tag. If you're not a user (yet!) we recommend machine wash cold on a gentle cycle, with a bleach free detergent, and then simply hang dry. Treat it like a delicate. It dries within minutes...or seconds.


Is SHHHOWERCAP latex free?

Our interior band is made of silicone rubber and we're proud to say that SHHHOWERCAP is latex free. If you're allergic to silicone, we're sorry. 


I have questions about my order. Who do I speak with?

Thank you sooo much for your order! When your order has been shipped you will receive email notification
with your order info and a tracking number.  If you have any questions, please email
We can't wait to upgrade all of you beautiful (inside and out) beauties. 


It looks so sleek! Does SHHHOWERCAP fit all different hair types?

Yes! SHHHOWERCAP is one size fits all. And we've fit tested on every type of hair texture, length, and hairstyle. Everything from a full head of long braids to big, thick, voluminous, red headed curls. 

Our patented design allows for a fitted look in the front and the pocket in the back is where all our secrets (and hair) are held. The fuller your hair, the more you must utilize the back pocket. It holds more than you think!


Best gift ever? Yes. Ever. 

SHHHOWERCAP is a great gift for any occasion because it is something that literally any woman in your life would want to receive: wife, mom, aunts, sisters, little cousins, mother-in-law, sister-in-law, boss, personal trainer, or best friend. The list goes on. Treat yourself or buy this gift for that special someone on your list. It even comes in our brand new, super giftable packaging. You barely even need to wrap it - literally, best gift ever. 


Where is SHHHOWERCAP made?

Quality is everything to us. This is a premium product and we are proud to say that we manufacture in the United States of America. San Francisco and Brooklyn, specifically. And we're in great company with our manufacturing partners working with some of the world's top performance brands. Ahem. Nike. Ahem.  


How else can I use my SHHHOWERCAP?

See, normally you'd never dream of wearing a shower cap outside of the house. But, SHHHOWERCAP looks
like a fashion turban so you can rock it wherever. We've seen women wear it in the pool, to the beach,
and our personal favorite -- to protect your hair in the rain instead of having to carry an umbrella.

For your getting ready routine, the quick dry fabric allows it to be the perfect accessory
holding your hair back while you primp for the day. Or when applying your favorite face mask. Hair masques, too! Throw your SHHHOWERCAP over your conditioning treatment. The heat from your head allows your hair cuticle to open up and absorb even better -- and then you can just wipe it down or throw it in the wash! 


Winter hair issues, what can I do?

Our product is made to protect your hair and look super chic doing it. The dry heat and cold air significantly reduce the moisture your hair typically retains. But, we're here for you! Keep your hair game on point by washing, styling and drying less frequently during this time of year. You can use your SHHHOWERCAP for an overnight hydrating treatment with an oil or serum or try using an intensive leave-in conditioner on a weekly basis. Your SHHHOWERCAP will help open your hair cuticle and allow your products to penetrate deeper.


What is your return policy?

We stand 100% behind the quality of our product. Due to the hygienic nature of our product, we cannot accept returns, unless there has been a factory error. However, we want to make sure you are super happy always (about us, and everything else in your life) so if you're unsatisfied, please contact us at and we'll work to make it right.  


I feel so good about my new SHHHOWERCAP. What happens when I share?

SUPER FUN THINGS. That's what. Post a selfie (or shelfie) of SHHHOWERCAP with #SHHHELFIE. Tag us @SHHHOWERCAP and we may surprise you with a special something -- probably when you least expect it.  


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