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90% of women don’t wash their hair every day

Break the cycle. Overwashing =
oily hair.

You were going to wash it after the gym and then you didn’t go to the gym.

Healthy oils do wonders blah blah blah.

Your colorist is a MAGICIAN and you don’t want to mess with the sorcery.

Second day hair simply looks better.

When you overslept for the morning meeting.

Your time is money. Save some.

The perfect blow out deserves protecting.


Dry shampoo exists for a reason.

Even seconds off your shower saves gallons of water. Which means you’re saving the oceans.

The patriarchy.

You have a million other better things to do and need more time to do them.

That perfect hair day won’t extend itself.

Ladies night out just moved to afterwork happy hour.

It’s honestly just easier.

You know it’ll monsoon tomorrow anyway.

Your water gets cold in your stupid apartment shower.

Because after quarantine no one cares. Take advantage.

Give Me Another Reason


It needed to be done. So, we did it. None of us were washing our hair daily (none of us) and the outdated shower cap left so much to be desired. Why were we ever settling for hair preservation in our ‘extended day haircare’ routines that felt like a sacrifice? Finally, there’s a ‘waterproof turban’ that you’ll look forward to wearing every day! Every day, that is, except your dreaded wash day.


"Genius, pure genius, and so long overdue."

- Lisa

"This thing SERIOUSLY Works"


"100% approval rating."

- Nicole

"I’ve been ridiculously impressed."

- Rachel

"Simply put, I’m obsessed."

- Allison

"My life actually started the day I discovered SHHHOWERCAP."

- Carlye Wisel, RACKED

"The technology and innovation behind the SHHOWERCAP shower cap is pure genius."

- Deena Campbell, Allure

"These caps are such a revelation!"

- Linda

"This product is a game changer."

- Faith Xue, Byrdie

"After testing out the cap, I am officially hooked"

- Irina Grechko, Nylon

"It’s the cutest, comfiest, leak proof shower cap I’ve ever owned. I highly highly recommend!!"

- Cheyenne

We believe that you should never settle. That your beauty products should only help you feel beautiful. And that you should never keep anything around (a person, place, or product) that makes you feel like anything less than your best self.

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