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21 products we were hesitant about at first but ended up really liking

Trying to make a better flask in the 21st century sort of seemed like trying to reinvent the wheel to me. The tried and true hip flask is discrete and holds just enough to get you, and maybe a friend, through a tough social function. But the HighCamp Firelight Flask looked like it would also make a great tea thermos. It comes with two double-walled mugs and holds about 750 ml of liquid; I could take it on a hike, on a kayak paddle, or to the park for a lazy afternoon.

The two tumblers fit elegantly over both ends of the “flask” and stay snug thanks to a little magnetic pull. I used it for tea couple of times, and while some heat passed through the double-walled tumblers, it worked just fine.

Then I filled it with bourbon, took it camping and realized the true beauty of the thing: It’s a decanter on the go. Apart from an O-ring in the lid, it is nothing but brushed, heavy-duty stainless steel. No more shattered bottles or spilled spirits on my adventures.

Yes, at $100 it is an investment, but if you’ve dropped and smashed half as many handles in your travels as I have, you’ll also quickly find it to be the shatterproof bottle of your dreams. Owen Burke, Insider Picks guides reporter

Shhhowercap, $43, available at Sephora

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$40 seems like a lot to pay for a shower cap, but you'll realize how much better this premium one is after a few uses, and you'll end up using it over and over again. The material is more durable and comfortable than one of those sad and flimsy plastic caps. Water slides right off and the cap dries quickly, and it's held together by a secure, silicone rubber band. Another big and obvious draw is that it's available in a variety of stylish prints. —Connie Chen, Insider Picks reporter


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