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3 dollar-saving looks for the holidays

As holiday parties start to crowd your calendar, do you ever wonder how to get away with spending less on looking good? Maybe you want to stretch out that blowout or get more than one use out of a new dress. 

I have three ways to help you in your December dilemma so you can party smarter (and harder if you wish!).

Extend your blowout

I get a blowout about once a year, and kind of cry a little when I wash my hair afterward. I can almost hear my money going down the drain with the hairspray. I have tried to pop on a plastic shower cap to salvage my `do, but it just ends up flat and lifeless. 

So I set out to find a way to keep that blowout fresh for days and found the SHHHOWERCAP. Not only does it look like something I would wear to a fashion show, the technology is incredibly innovative: it repels water at a molecular level, is antimicrobial and breathable and dries in a snap. This turban uses the same grippy stuff as a strapless bra so it stays put, with no more telltale cap marks on your forehead. 

I used it on repeat this past month during the mornings when washing my hair and getting dressed were mutually exclusive. I’m in love.

Jewelry for days

I am sure you know that by changing up your accessories you can transform an outfit. But you have to buy those accessories first, right? Wrong. I have been renting my necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings for a couple of years now from Rocksbox. For $21 per month, I get three pieces of designer jewelry that I can mail back in exchange for new pieces any time I want. You also get a stylist–I message mine and tell her what outfits I have planned and she sends pieces that complement. This is basically like having a super cool older sister who lets you borrow her stuff and helps you style it. Receive something you can’t part with? You can keep it and pay a discounted price. 

Chicago Parent readers get a FREE month of Rocksbox using code: CHICAGOPARENT. Visit to get started so you can rock your designer duds all December.

Reverse it

I travel for the holidays, and with all of the baggage restrictions, I am leaning toward just a carry-on. But I have a tough time pulling different looks together when I can only pack a few pieces.

I found this reversible dress at White House Black Market that has solved all of my sartorial scenarios–leopard on one side, cabernet on the other. All patterns are under $100. I would say this is a worthy investment, especially when you pair it with your rented baubles and second-day blowout!


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