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4 Ways Your Shower Routine Fades Your Hair Color (and How to Avoid it)

Our obsession with good hair knows no limits. Ah, the countless things we do to achieve shiny, healthy locks: from color-altering dye pigments to meticulous scalp exfoliation to deep conditioning while whispering encouraging words (just me on that last one?).

No matter your routine, you’re likely dyeing your hair either at home or in a salon. And that treatment needs to be maintained to look as good in a month as it did the day the color went on.

If not properly taken care of, colored hair can quickly get damaged and dull. “Color-treated hair needs highly specialized care for one simple reason: It’s chemically processed, which means the cuticles have been opened to dissolve the natural pigments,” says French hair master Christophe Robin. “As these cuticles remain open, it’s essential to deeply nourish the hair on a regular basis to close the cuticles and seal in the color.” To keep your color lasting longer and more vibrant, here are four showering mistakes, plus one out-and-about mistake, you might be making on the regular.


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