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7 Big-Screen Bathing Moments in GIFs—Plus the Tub Essentials to Set the Scene

Hollywood loves a bathtub, and so do I. There’s something about sliding into a frothy tub, the weight of the world slipping away, that makes you want to crank up the Walkman and do your best version of Prince’s “Kiss,” like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. A canister of Morton’s table salt is enough for Daryl Hannah’s mermaid in Splash to regain her sense of self, along with her unfurled fins. And as the inimitable Brigitte Bardot proves in Contempt, maybe all a cinephile needs is a book on director Fritz Lang and a few thick coats of waterproof mascara.

These days, with impending winter (meteorological and metaphorical), a long, hot soak is as close to an everyday cure-all as we can hope for. It’s a chance to rebalance the body (via, say, the French gray sea salt, wild-harvested seaweed, and spirulina in Pursoma’s Minerals De Mer); to steep in a vat of rose-perfumed water (think: the petal-strewn fantasy bath in American Beauty); or to plot a shift in power, as Al Pacino’s Cuban drug dealer does in a bubble-filled Jacuzzi, cigar in hand (leave it to Cire Trudon’s tobacco-scented matches to conjure the scene).

And so there is no better time to comb through the film canon for some bathing inspiration, including one cheeky moment of censorship from Buster Keaton’s 1920 comedy, One Week. With each GIF, we’ve paired our favorite bath products—from moody black soap and eye coal worthy of Margot Tenenbaum to Chanel bubbles and a sumptuous hair mask fit for a Prince-singing princess at the Beverly Wilshire hotel.


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