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7 Ways to Multitask With a Hair Mask

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Why is it that we'll stock up on all types of face masks, but when it comes to hair masks, we can't ever find the time? Our hair is important! It's on our heads! And when you're having a good hair day, it can change your mood from ho-hum to "I'm the sh*t." (Don't lie, you know you've strutted out of the house when your hair looks good, feelin' yourself like an '80s makeover montage.)

Since we know that your hair texture and health can prematurely age you, hair masks and treatments are just as important as face masks and facials. We caught up with celebrity stylist and founder of Ouai hair care Jen Atkin along with her LA-based celebrity colorist, Cassondra Kaeding, whose clientele also includes Kate Hudson and Rooney Mara.

1. Cycling Class

"I love a mask when working out in a hot room because the heat will make the mask work deeper into the strands," said Jen. "I like to just apply to dry hair, then slick my hair back into a pony or low bun. After class, just rinse and go!"

2. Sunday Chores

Need to get stuff done? Throw on a hair mask and get to work. "I love to multitask, so this is a great opportunity to apply a sheet mask to the face and oil to your body while cleaning," said Jen. "Afterwards, your house will be amaze and you'll look gorg, too!" And another helpful tip: use a shower cap — this one from Shhhower Cap is adorable — to help keep your mask from getting anywhere unnecessary.

3. When Wearing Braids

Cassondra suggested using a hair mask when wearing braids. This disguises the mask as a cute hairstyle, and it works throughout the day, giving your hair a nice, glossy look.

4. The Beach or Pool

There are a variety of things that can damage your hair cuticle, including the sun, saltwater, and chlorine. "Applying the mask before sun worshipping is the key to protecting your hair. I suggest applying on dry or damp hair, then working the hair into braids so it stays intact all day. After, rinse with a clarifying shampoo like Kevin Murphy Detox," said Jen.

5. The Plane

If you have a day of traveling ahead, Jen advised to avoid any fancy 'dos and instead wrap your hair up in a bun after applying a mask.

6. Girls' Night In

There's no need to impress your besties during a girls' night in, said Cassondra. Pour some vino, get your Netflix queue ready, and apply a mask while you're eating Thai takeout.

7. The Steam Room

Similar to a cycling class, if you're at the spa or gym and hit the sauna, treat your hair as well by dousing it in a mask.

And when you hit the salon . . .

At-home masks are great, but next time you go in for a cut or color, ask for a hydrating treatment, too. They're usually less than $100 and can make a huge difference in the look and feel of your hair. Cassondra suggested the L'Anza Healing Trauma Treatment, both an in-salon and retail treatment, which benefits dry or damaged hair. "Not only does it really help to condition overprocessed hair, but it helps deposit all the essential ingredients your hair needs to recover and rebuild," said Cassondra. Bonus: it takes less than five minutes!


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