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All of the Sustainable Products I Use In A Day | Lucie Fink

SUSTAINABLE LIVING! Thank you so much to Skillshare for sponsoring this video about sustainability! 

Also an amazing zero waste / package free gift!!! Time for some zero waste shopping! If you've been interested in upleveling to a waste free lifestyle, an eco-friendly home, or even just a more sustainable lifestyle with sustainable products, this video is for you and will give you the zero waste tips you’ve been looking for.

Have any of the following things been on your mind recently:

  • Going zero waste
  • Zero waste home
  • Zero waste swaps
  • Sustainable swaps
  • Sustainability
  • Minimalist living/minimalist lifestyle/how to be a minimalist
  • Where to shop zero waste
  • Low impact living
  • Wellness
  • How to reduce waste
  • Living a healthy lifestyle
  • Zero waste for beginners
  • Zero waste makeup
  • Zero waste soaps
  • Clean beauty/green beauty
  • Or intentional living

If so, this video is going to provide some serious zero waste tips and will teach you where to shop zero waste products so you can live a sustainable and eco friendly lifestyle at home. Make your environment at home into a green one of simple living, sustainable living and no waste. This transformation doesn’t happen over night, but by starting to purchase eco friendly products (and overall living a more eco friendly lifestyle), you can slowly reduce waste, recycle and improve the wellness of your overall life. There’s more to low impact living than you might think.


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