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Everything you need to take the greatest bath of your life

While some people take baths whenever possible, others can’t remember the last time they filled the tub. I fall somewhere in the middle. While I like the idea, in practice I find the whole process a bit complicated, and honestly, gross. But after adding a few well-placed plants to make my out-of-date bathroom feel more like an oasis, giving my tub a good scrubbing, and purchasing a few choice products, I get it. (A glass of wine and a good book helps, too.)

When done right, a good bath is almost medicinal. Sore muscles? Aches and pains? Prescribe yourself a bath. Stressed and worn out? A dip in the water restores your balance (just don’t stay in too long.) You don’t need an ailment to enjoy a bath, of course, but whatever the reason behind it, a hot bath is one of those activities you shouldn’t skimp on. Load up on luxury. Stack on scents. Forget about the water bill. So grab a book or your iPad, a glass of wine, and sink into relaxation.


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