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How to Make Your Blow Dry Last Longer

Want to keep your salon blow-dry looking glossy and bouncier for much longer than a day?

These new brands have the solutions, says CHANELLE HO

When it comes to maintaining a bouncy blow-dry, there are certain rules to follow, not least steering clear of moisture at all costs and avoiding touching it throughout the day. The good news? The latest hair-accessory brands aim to make life easier, with genius new products that go beyond just keeping curls in place to ensure that your hair stays super healthy and shiny – they could make all the difference between your style lasting one day or three…

Silke London

The way you sleep can flatten your blow-dry, but it also damages your hair; tossing and turning in the night causes breakage, split ends and knotting. We’ve long extolled the benefits of silk pillowcases and eye masks to protect your hair (and skin) during the night, but the Silke London Head Wrap is the next-level solution: simply twist your hair into the protective, 100% pure silk turban to prevent thinning, dryness, frizz and knotting. And don’t worry – it’s so soft and comfortable, it won’t disturb your shut-eye.


A top knot can help hold a curl, but use the wrong hair tie and you’ll have an unsightly kink (not to mention breakages or split ends if it’s tied too tightly). Avoid all those snags by using a silk hair tie such as Slip’s designs to secure knots or braids. And, since the ’90s scrunchie is enjoying a revival for FW18, it’s a no-brainer.


Granted, shower caps don’t scream glamour, but they are essential in the fight against unwanted frizz. Shhhowercap’s design is not only waterproof but also hydrophobic and antibacterial, meaning it repels water, stays cleaner and drier for longer, and is as shelfie-worthy as any shower cap can get. The special fabric is totally breathable too, so hair isn’t left limp beneath, and the elastic is tight yet comfortable (we’re shower cap regulars, so we know good elastic tension when we feel it), protecting hair no matter how thick, long or heavy it is.


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