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How to Protect Your Product Idea with SHHHOWERCAP Founder Jacquelyn De Jesu Center

Is it really a smart idea to 'build in public' or should you keep a biz idea close pre-launch?

Jacquelyn De Jesu Center reinvented the showercap when she launched SHHHOWERCAP in 2015. In the years since she's steadily bootstrapped her way to release new products, build a team and land Net-a-Porter and Blue Mercury as stockists—all while figuring out how to keep her invention protected from copycats.

Jackie's product is patented, but that hasn't stopped others from trying to replicate her success. How has she protected her invention and handled lawsuits while scaling her company?

Hit play—we've got the intel.



14:00 How to protect your invention from copycats

23:50 Bootstrapped launch marketing tips

27:15 3 ingredients to make your brand pop

28:15 Using fast news cycles to your advantage

30:40 Scaling through paid ads


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