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Introducing the Shower Cap You’ll Be Stoked To Wear

A shower cap that’s cute with a functional design. (Photo: Shhhowercap)

Until six months ago, it was probably safe to say no woman had ever lusted after a shower cap. They’re notoriously unflattering, embarrassing and leave you with indelible elastic imprints on your forehead. But thanks to a very determined — and creative — woman, the dowdy shower cap is now a chic object of desire.

Jacquelyn De Jesu is an advertising creative director who grew up, thanks to her hairdresser mother, knowing she shouldn’t wash her hair every day, but hating every shower cap she met. “They have always been a running joke,” she says. “I wanted something that didn’t exist! It was truly born out of necessity.” De Jesu set out to create an edgy, highly functioning waterproof headpiece that women would feel beautiful wearing. Enter Shhhowercap, the pleated, turban-style cap that comes in fashion-forward prints, is breathable and anti-humidity, doesn’t leave marks and can even be worn atop a hair masque treatment.


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