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LFW | A/W ’19 Tote Bag

Here’s one must-have beauty accessory that you wont find on the runway. American brand, Shhhowercap, brought style to the shower with their chic and functional caps in 2015. The breathable,”waterproof turban”  repels water on on contact and when the fabric does get wet, it dries immediately. We know what you’re thinking “What about the humidity?”. Thanks to the caps breathable fabric, moisture can escape, without letting a drop in from the outside.

What else makes it so special? Much like our friends at S’well, Shhhowercaps design helps to reduce plastic waste, eliminating the need for multiple purchases of traditional plastic caps throughout ones lifetime. In addition to that, Shhhowercaps dedication to ethical production makes it a brand that we can proudly stand behind.



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