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There is so much that I've learned over the years through the journey of @SHHHOWERCAP. So much. Things I'd never do again. Things I'd do a thousand times over. People I wish I'd hired sooner. Mistakes I've made. Lessons I've learned. Knowledge I've sought out and tons that I've absorbed without even realizing that I was. I now have incredible people in my corner. But, I didn't always! There are countless things that I wish that I knew when I was first starting out. And after years and years of figuring it out daily — I have so much to share with those who are just starting to.
Thhhank you, MasterCard for leading the charge and including me in this powerful campaign. Check out @mastercard IGTV Her Ideas #StartSomethingPriceless Q&A Series. Its not a hashtag, it is absolutely true. No one can invent for us like we can. No one knows our behaviors, our routines, or our needs like we do. Its up to you. I'm inspired. And, I hope our collective advice inspires at least one woman to launch their own business ideas into the world. In the words of this incredible group of women. 'Don't compare your journey to anyone else's' @deepica 'Tap everyone in your network, friends, family, strangers!' @sonjarasula because 'There are days that you don't sleep. When you're working so hard. But, at the end of the day it is absolutely worth it.' @payal


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