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May Coffee Date

If we were having real coffee together, we’d be sitting outside on my deck, and I’d tell you to look over the edge of the deck so you could see the little blooms on my Lenten rose, and we’d talk about how it is so amazing that this unlikely plant was able to be transferred from a small pot in my house, into the soil in the ground, and covered with snow for nearly 6 months, and un-expertly over-trimmed this spring by yours truly, and STILL eventually sprout these beautiful little roses again.

Nature is one big miracle. 

But first, what are you drinking today? For me, it’s the same green smoothie as every other day: mango, spinach, water, and Bolthouse Green Goodness juice (because it’s a little creamier and makes the texture of the smoothie basically like an ice cream shake), but depending on the moment could also be sparkling water and coffee and homemade strawberry lemonade if we’re past 6pm.

Grab your tea, your iced coffee, your sparkling water… time for our monthly coffee date.


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