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Featured 6.10-6.16.19 | What happens when the Art Director daughter of a Long Island hairstylist tries to buy herself a shower cap? She doesn’t. Because while steamy showers are sexy, plastic shower caps just are not. So the story goes for Jacquelyn De Jesu Center, who, rather than just resigning herself to wet hair forever, took the gaping hole in the marketplace as an opportunity to reinvent what has been, historically, the least sexy thing your shower has to offer. And, because De Jesu Center is who she is, she didn’t create just *any* shower cap. Nope. She created Shhhowercap, the world’s first (and only!) totally waterproof (most are just water resistant - WTF?), breathable (trapped humidity is not a friend of frizz) and quiet (that’s the Shhh in Shhhowercap. Because have you ever worn a plastic cap under a rain shower? Ouch.) turban-inspired shower cap that comes in fabrics from basic black to marble to summer floral and that is, just like De Jesu Center, Chic AF. But it’s not just her creation that put her on the map (although in less than two years she did turn it into a multimillion dollar company. NBD) nor was it her star turn as the mean girl on The OC (yes, that was her giving the stink-eye to Mischa Barton. May that show Rest in Peace). It’s her tenacity, her joyful irreverence and her incredible passion and vision. Indeed De Jesu Center is an entrepreneur who’s only just getting started and we can’t wait to see what’s coming.
Welcome to Jacquelyn’s week. 


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