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My Hair Diary: A Fashion Blogger Shares Her Secret to Washing Your Hair Less

I’m a sucker for a good Outfits of the Week post. Getting a glimpse at what someone wears Monday-Friday not only gives an insight into their style but also their career and how their daily life might differ from my own. I’m so into fashion and make-up that my hair game has taken an unfortunate turn for the worst in the last few years. I tell myself I don’t have the time or the products or the skill to give my hair the attention it needs and deserves.

One of our favorite fashion bloggers (and previous Everygirl Intern!), Jess Keys of The Golden Girl, knows that you don’t have to be a pro to have amazing hair (and that she does!). Jess took us through a week in her life, all through the eyes of her favorite hairstyles and discusses her favorite products, why you need a good dry shampoo in your life ASAP, and her go-to workout styles.


So let’s start at the beginning — how often do you wash and style your hair?


I try to go three days in between washes, but I’ve been trying to stretch it to four – really depends on what I have going on that week and how presentable I need to look on a given day. I try to let it air-dry as much as I can and only use hot tools when I’m planning to do a photoshoot or if I’m going out somewhere special (like date night on Saturday, for example!) Otherwise, it’s au natural!

We’ve seen on your Instagram stories that you’ve been testing different hacks to extend your style between washes. What have you learned? What has worked versus what hasn’t?

Yes! I have loved sharing my experience on Instagram stories because I learn SO MUCH from my readers. It’s one of my favorite parts of blogging, being part of such an active community and sharing so many great tips with one another!

Anyway, here are some of the best tips I’ve learned from trial and error and through my Instagram fam’s collective savviness on the subject:

Blow-dry just the roots

When you wash your hair, let your hair air dry as much as possible, but, if you hit the roots (just the roots, because, you know, hair dryer = damage so you want to minimize as much as possible – I generally avoid blow dryers as much as possible, but this part I’ve bent the rules for) with the blow-drier for a hot second and get your roots dry (we’re talking, like, just the top half-inch to inch of your hair) then it REALLY helps to combat grease. This really makes an incredible difference in setting your hair up to be less greasy.

Use a shower cap

I don’t know why I just dismissed the idea of using a shower cap for the first 29-odd years of life – maybe because my mom had this grandma yellow one that she used to use all the time that scarred me – but the idea occurred to me to give it another go, so I asked my readers which kind they liked best, and this version won by a landslide! It really helps combat frizz, because even if my hair doesn’t get wet in the shower, it does get crazy from the steam. I also like that it’s actually cute and definitely not your mom’s 80’s-tastic shower cap!


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