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Product Review on Instagram’s Favorite SHHHOWERCAP

I’m not sure when exactly it happened, but at some point, I became I real sucker for Instagram ads.

I now own:

Ritual Vitamins

Spanx Moto Leggings

Billie Razors

Native Deodorant

The list goes on. I’m going to stop before I embarrass myself. 

When I began seeing the ads for SHHHOWERCAP, I was immediately enamored. This isn’t your grandmother’s shower cap. This is like a shower cap with Taylor Swift’s marketing team.

image courtesy of SHHHOWERCAP

How stunning is this imagery? Let’s be real — I was never going to not buy one.

SHHHOWERCAP comes in a variety of prints and patterns — all adorable — and has some pretty steep claims:


Dries in seconds

Stays fresh (no mold or mildew!)

Defies humidity 

Impossibly chic

Fashion forward silhouette

Feels luxurious

Encourages relaxation

Wearable anywhere

Lasts forever

Stays in place

Machine washable


Made in the USA

So when one of my salons started retailing them, I bought one immediately (in leopard, of course!). $43 was a bit steep for a shower cap, but I was dreaming of all the ways I’d use it and wear it, and I knew it would be a solid investment. I would use it to protect my hair in the shower on the days it didn’t need washing (AKA EVERYDAY). I also had visions of wearing it like a turban to the pool over the summer to cover up that mole I still need to get checked out, argh! Maybe I would wear it on a rainy day to keep from looking like a wet rat? The possibilities were endless! I had big plans for my SHHHOWERCAP. I was so excited to test it outimage courtesy of SHHHOWERCAP

And then I did, and wow — while I can attest to the fact that all of its claims are true, it is so uncomfortably tight on my head that I actually emailed the company to see if it came in multiple sizes (it does not). They said it could be a very rare defect, but that wasn’t likely. The website states the caps fit all hair types and head sizes 21-25”, and I guess I have a plus-size head because it doesn’t sit quite right (edit: I measured my head, and it is 23.5” so not sure what the issue is!). I feel like it pushes down on my eyebrows too much. And here’s the thing — sometimes, I need my hair to remain in tact, and I suffer through it. But sometimes (AKA most of the time) I’m in the shower doing my typical Mariah Carey power hour, and if I can’t move my face, how am I supposed to give the performance of my life? I can’t. I simply can’t. 

Also, wearing it to the pool wasn’t happening. I tried, and I looked more Prison Mike than chic girl in a turban at the pool.

prison mike.jpg

I have friends that have successfully worn it outside of the shower, it just wasn’t my look. 

The verdict? I’m sure it’s worth the hype for some people? I want to love it so badly. Even roaming their site while writing this post, I kept wanting to get another one! But even if it holds up to all of its claims, the lack of comfort is a deal breaker for me. I have very fine hair, I just chopped it all off, and I still struggle with getting it on my head. The elastic doesn’t have much give, which is what keeps humidity out and your ‘do in tact, but that also means no wiggle room in the sizing department. Sadly, I ended up retreating back to my duct taped together hotel shower cap that I swiped from the Courtyard Marriott. Bummer!


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