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Review: Shhhowercap - The Must Have Stylish Shower Cap For All Hair Types

Why everyone needs a SHHHOWERCAP!

I have to admit I had never actually bought a shower cap prior to 2020. I always just took the ones left in the bathrooms of hotels and used those until they got holes and I had to throw them out. Not sustainable at all. So when I came across SHHHOWERCAP and their beautiful designs that didn’t look like something my granny would wear I knew I had to get one.

As you may have read in some of my other posts I’m on a journey to reduce the plastic I throw away and this seemed like another good opportunity to do that! I was also excited by the range of different fabrics used so you could buy one that suited your personal style.

Now being a curly/wavy girl I use a shower cap on a very regular basis as I only wash my hair 1-2 times per week and also use the plastic shower caps when deep conditioning or applying heat whilst conditioning. So making this purchase was something of a necessity rather than a luxury for me.

You only really need one, but I purchased a few so I have a spare and so that I have some to gift to friends for birthday’s etc. (so far my friends have loved them too!) The fabrics are changed often and SHHHOWERCAP have just come out with their latest designs of shower caps.

Below are some of the latest SHHHOWERCAP colours and prints but to see the full collection please click HERE!


After tirelessly testing and being let down by the existing options, Jacquelyn De Jesu set out on a mission to reinvent the shower cap for the modern woman. The result is SHHHOWERCAP, a line of stylish, functional shower caps featuring fashion-forward prints and present-day upgrades to make non-hair washing days carefree and fun.

Completely redesigned for form and function, the SHHHOWERCAP not only looks better, but works better too.  100% waterproof, SHHHOWERCAP fits snugly on your head without leaving indentions on your forehead once you're out of the shower.  Water glides off the fabric and the cap dries within minutes so you can take SHHHOWERCAP on travels, to the swimming pool, and to the gym.

Why Not Support Plastic Free July?

So, if you’re like me and are trying to be more sustainable and plastic free at home when why not swap out your old plastic shower caps and replace them with one of these beautiful sustainable ones! Every little bit of plastic that we can keep out of the landfill sites and sea is a win in my opinion. Also it’s currently #plasticfreejuly so a great time to re-assess all the plastic you consume at home or in your daily life and see what you can do about reducing it. Let me know if you have any questions about the SHHHOWERCAPS please let me know in the comments below!


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