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Say Bye to Your Grandma's Old-School Shower Cap and Hello to This Stylish Line

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OCTOBER 4, 2015

Your grandma did it and so did your mom, so, of course, you followed the ritual too. A thick, plastic shower cap is a staple in every Latina's bathroom and a must before getting in the shower on no-shampoo days: whether your hair is wrapped up in a doobie, in pin curls, or freshly straightened or curled, you've got to protect your strands with that unflattering, beauty-supply shower cap before stepping anywhere near water — or your mom will somehow know! But we've got good news for women who don't wash their hair every day: a new company, SHHHOWERCAP, has updated the old-school, noisy, disposable cap with stylish, long-lasting options that you won't mind rocking in front of your boyfriend or roommate.

In an interview with Fast Company, founder Jacquelyn De Jesu said that after her hairdresser and mother (there's Mom again!) encouraged her to wear a cap in the shower to preserve her locks, she started searching for both high-quality and cute ones she could buy. When she came up dry, she decided to self-fund a start-up that would launch a line of sleek, turban-inspired options that were water-repellent and machine-washable. Each cap retails for $47 and features a flexible band that offers a secure fit that'll protect your natural curls, curling-iron curls, or sleek blowout, no problem. Keep scrolling to see the collection (the cute campaign, above, stars Instagram cool girl Taylor Lashae) and find out where to preorder the items (launching in November).


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