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Shower caps are generally a waste of time, your hair end ups frizzy and flat anyway and you resort to another wash. Basically, they are shite at what they’re meant to do. Also, they make you look more like a slightly ridiculous dinner lady…. or your grandmother.

Shelling out £5 every month or two, once they’ve gone a bit gross, to wear an ugly bag on one’s head is not an appealing option. When all you want is to leave the shower with dry and unaffected hair.

The SHHHOWERCAP fulfills all my petty hair-grooming needs. It feels like quite a painful purchase at first – paying around £44 for a showercap is not something I thought I would ever do. But alas, the offer of reduced shipping at the time and the advertising definitely worked on me. I don’t regret this at all. (Also, because Sali Hughes raved about it)


(photo from shhhowercap website)

It works – it’s quiet, all of my thick hair fits into it, and it’s comfortable enough to wear around the house for hours. This is something I have actually done, since I feel like a glamorous 1950s filmstar when I wear it. The material is antibacterial, rewashable and waterproof, meaning it’ll last ages (I keep mine in its box to keep it safe). The turban shape is genius – it looks great and the material comes in so many designs. I bought it in black, but now I’m tempted to find excuses for the many other designs too (I mean I do NEED one to travel with don’t I? And one for the gym… and another one for beside the swimming pool??)


(photo from shhhowercap website)

It’s expensive yes, but totally worth it if you spend your precious time and money rewashing and restyling your hair all the time. I won’t be buying another crappy piece of plastic to wear in the shower ever again.

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Disclaimer: Not an ad, all thoughts expressed are my own.


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