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Being a girl with thick long curly hair that takes forever to dry and style makes it no surprise that I HATE washing my hair. If I can go with only washing it twice a week, I'm all about it. We all want beautiful hair, but who has the time and can really be bothered to wash and style it every single day? Not me! So you would think that a shower cap would be my best friend - it wasn't. I hated everything about shower caps....until now.

Shhhowercap isn't anything like the shower caps your grandmother used. It's a modern reinvention of the shower cap in chic sophisticated styling with so many fashion forward prints.

I especially love that it's not plastic. Shhhowercap is made from a premium performance waterproof fabric and is machine washable with an added antibacterial coating so that it always stays fresh. I find it repels water really well and when I shake it off when I'm done it dries in no time. My favourite part? Because its not made of plastic, its quiet! It doesn't make me feel like I ran into a rain storm with a plastic bag taped to my head!

It holds a surprising amount of hair - trust me I have a lot!  I found it to be super secure and yet it didn't leave a train track imprint on my forehead because they've added a smooth rubber grip along the inner band. It maintains your blowout and volume by keeping all moisture out and not leaving your hair in a big frizzy mess when you take it off like all other shower caps do.

I have so much love for this shower cap, as does my hair for all the less damage it has to go through with fewer uses of heat styling tools. They have so many beautiful prints as well! It was hard to choose just one. From solid colours to vibrant prints, there is something for everyone to enjoy and feel beautiful in.

x Ashley

*Product was sent to me from Shhhowercap.
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