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SHHHOWERCAP The Shower Cap Reinvented Modern Fashion and Function

Are you embarrassed to wear your shower cap?  Do you look and feel like Little Miss Muffet when you have your bouffant shower cap on?  Does your shower cap make the shower water,  dripping on your head, sound like your head is being bombarded?  Is it smelly, and does it leave nasty elastic impressions across your forehead after you take it off?  Do you realize that your shower cap’s design has been around since the beginning of time?

The shower cap that we all know and hate!

Even with bells and whistles, ribbons, and bows, and all the other accouterments that have been put on them, the standard shower cap is noisy, smelly, plastic ,uncomfortable, horrible, and outdated!  And , according to the inventor of the Shhhowercap, Jackie De Jesu, and I am right there with her belief that  you should never feel less than 100%.  That your beauty products should only help you feel beautiful!  And, you should never keep anything around (including boyfriends, husbands, best friends, products, and even that horrible shower capthat makes you feel like anything less than your best self!  You go girl!

Jackie's instagram about Shhhowercap
Jackie’s instagram about Shhhowercap

Jackie took the existing shower cap, the one we all have that is uncomfortable, horrible and outdated, and she modernized it.  She did a complete makeover for the shower cap, which is now called the Shhhowercap!  She made her new, fashion meets function, shower cap lightweight, machine washable, with an added antibacterial coating, and a premium waterproof performance fabric that repels water from the outside and shakes off for a quick dry. It is definitely not plastic!  She even found a way to reduce the horrible noise you hear of the water beating on your head!


The Shhhowercap comes in five different patterns that are as colorful and  beautiful as they are fashion forward.


It has a chic, sophisticated turban silhouette.


The elastic band was revised, as she used an innovative, no mark rubber grip on the inner band.  She also put an extended pocket in the back for a more secure fit, and it won’t ruin your hair’s volume!


So it stays in place, and water never touches your hair!


I purchased two, because all of my shower caps are stretched out and they don’t keep the water out, and I get those elastic lines across my forehead!


  The Not Basic ($43)


The Laguna ($43)

I recommend the Shhhowercap ($43) to anyone who wants to feel stylish all the time, even in the shower, and everyone who wants to keep their hair dry when they take a shower.  And, to anyone who wants to take a shower, doesn’t want to wash their hair, and wants to keep the volume and style  in their hair!



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