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Sitting down with Jacquelyn De Jesu, Founder of Shhhowercap

Shhhowercap just celebrated their third birthday in a big way.

Following the launch of their new collection of very chic printed shower caps, the founder, Jacquelyn De Jesu hosted a small “birthday party” celebration in the South Hamptons.

From the cocktails to synchronized swimmers to the vintage kimono and stunning Alpine Butterfly one-piece worn by the founder, the event was a perfect fit for their adult birthday party.

Guests lounged poolside wearing the SS18 collection as turbans. The two new options are a solid blue called The Zuli and a printed light pink abstract print called The Melrose.

There are always those moments when you want to dive into the pool, but you don’t want to ruin your gorgeous blow out. In comes Shhhowercap.

It was so chic how the girls wore it as a turban with their hair untucked while laying out, but threw their hair up into the cap to swim.

I have been a long time fan of Shhhowercap, buying my first 2 years ago. I won’t lie, I am still using the same one, and it is just as nice as the day I got it. These things seriously last forever, and are my saving grace after a blowout.

Say goodbye to cheap shower caps that you hide under your sink; Shhhowercap offers tasteful prints and an impeccable design. Whether you need to keep your hair out of your face while masking, or are among the 90% of modern women who don’t wash their hair every day, this is an investment beauty tool that you will not regret.

We sat down in-between cocktails with Jacquelyn to talk about her brand (which has been self-funded since day one!). What’s more inspiring than a powerful woman starting her own brand because she saw a problem that no one else had yet to fix?

Q:Tell us a little bit about how you started Shhhowercap.

It all started because I set out to purchase something that didn’t exist. I value great design and always have. So, it is a big part of how I make my purchasing decisions. Aesthetics are important! I’ll always use specific search terms “best designed ____” or “quality _____” or “fashionable _____,” and when I did that on my quest for a great new shower cap, it wasn’t that nothing came up, it was what DID.

Sequins, big satin bows, bedazzling, tacky plastic animal shapes or food, wacky low brow conversational prints. It was awful.

But, it was also clear that through these “luxury” elements that the market was there for a premium solution. It was just solved with someone else’s definition of good taste. At the same time, I knew my friends and I weren’t washing our hair for a myriad of reasons. So, I set out to do it better. I started immediately.

From there it was two and a half years of development in making SHHHOWERCAP into what it is today, speaking with any woman that I met. First asking if they washed their hair every day and after that if they used a shower cap. If they did, what they loved/hated and if they didn’t, then why not.


I asked questions to anyone I thought might be helpful, with no shame, I’d ask to directly be connected if someone knew a person who could help me in development or launch. I think that’s key — recognizing what you don’t know and having the confidence to ask for what you want.

For more than a year, I ran back and forth to the garment district using the sample rooms to create prototypes. I iterated the shape over and over again to find one that was perfect. I also visited the major fabric shows like TexWorld and Premiere Vision to meet mills and collaborators. I owe a lot to New York City. It played a big role in making this dream a reality.

Once I had a working prototype (!), it was time to launch. I’d worked as an Art Director in advertising and harnessed every skill I’d learned from my 10-year career to launch SHHHOWERCAP into the world.

First, I created a lookbook, then website, and finally press release. I sent them all to any editor and publication that I knew. I was in a pre-sale and I had no idea what impact it would make. The press picked it up and the coverage started immediately. I feel so fortunate for that. It really took off from there.


Q:The design of this shower cap is functional yet chic. What is the design process in deciding which fun prints you’ll develop?

I approach our prints by recognizing that they’re each individual and always need to sit together as a collection under the SHHHOWERCAP aesthetic. We sell to a wide range of age groups with a one-size-fits-all product. This means I’m always thinking about who that person is. What do they love? What do they wear? Where do they hang out? Where do they live? What is their favorite color? And making sure each print is versatile to feel at home for whomever (and wherever) they will wind up wearing it.


Our customer tends to self identify and gravitate to the one print in the line that suits her best based on her own personal style. It’s so fun to hear the passionate reaction to the individual picks of each person.

Q:What is next for the brand? Would you ever venture into another area of beauty and expand the brand?

We’re focused on continuing to build the SHHHOWERCAP brand while developing some exciting new products! All under our larger mission of solving problems through great design.

Shhhowercap is available for purchase at Sephora, Revolve, Neiman Marcus, NET-A-PORTER and more.


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