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The 24 Best Back-to-School 2019 Beauty Products

We too wish summer would last forever. Sadly, seasons don't work that way. And soon, we'll be in the midst of fall. Which means, yes, we're going to say it: School is about to start. A bittersweet reality, we know. However, no need to light up a candle and mourn. A new school year means new possibilities, new responsibilities, and new adventures. Maybe this is the year you try out for the swim team, join the newspaper club, or start your own club, who knows!

That being said, now that you have successfully checked off your back-to-school supplies, backpacks, outfits, and shoes, it's time you check off your back-to-school beauty. Albeit, it's not that different from your usual beauty essentials. Think multipurpose products that you can easily throw in your pencil case or gym bag without having them breaking on you when you most need them. From makeup remover wipes and brushes to the lightweight foundation and even face stickers, we got you covered so you can slay your back-to-school beauty looks from Monday to Friday (and repeat).


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