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The 9 Best Spiral Hair Ties Of 2020 That Are Gentle On Your Hair

You know when you want to work out but, like, you also don't want to mess up your hair? That's where spiral hair ties come in. They're these special little plastic bands shaped like a telephone cord (remember those?) specifically designed *not* to ruin your do when you let it down from a ponytail.

"Spiral hair ties have a unique design that lifts hair up, creating more volume but also allowing grip by using an outward motion versus tightening in," explains Jacquelyn DeJesu, founder of the hair accessory brand Shhhowercap. "This is not just great for [not leaving] dents, but also for overall aesthetic, providing more luxe strands and a thicker look of the hair itself."

So yeah, the coil-like nature of these little bands will make you want to swap the stretched out black piece of elastic that's currently around your wrist for one of 'em, real fast. Tbh, when you see how cute these alternatives are, you'll definitely want to upgrade your hairband game.

Trade in your old ponytail holders for the best spiral hair ties below.


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