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The Best Shower Caps You Can Buy

The Shhhower Cap is cute, plus, it actually works better than your average drugstore cap, thanks to its smart design.

The Shhhower Cap is not only cute and fun but also incredibly effective. Use it just once and you definitely won't be going back to those $1 drugstore caps anytime soon.

At $43, The Shhhower Cap is pricey, but it's really built to last. Made of waterproof antibacterial fabric, rather than typical plastic, it's machine washable and won't get moldy or mildew-covered as long as you care for it. It has a gel band that lines part of the inside of the rim, which keeps moisture locked out completely. Plus, it saves you money over time since you can keep washing it.

The gorgeous turban-inspired design and longevity are its major selling points, but the cap will also fit securely, lock out humidity, and minimize ambient noise (Does anyone else hate feeling like they are in the middle of the rainforest when they wear a plastic shower cap?).

Not convinced? The Shhhower Cap comes recommended by countless beauty editors, most notably at The Cut, Byrdie, Allure, Nylon, and the team here at Insider Picks. Our deputy editor, Malarie Gokey, uses hers on no-wash days when she wants to keep her hair dry to live another day.

The one downside of the Shhhower Cap, as noted by our senior editor, Sally Kaplan, is that sometimes the cap is so effective that it traps moisture inside if your head happens to sweat a lot in the shower. She recommends keeping the water temperature cool enough that you don't risk trapping sweat inside the cap while showering.

Pros: Pretty silhouette, comes in fun patterns, machine washable, locks out any trace of water or steam

Cons: Might be too small for certain hair types and styles, can be hard to get on, can trap moisture if your head sweats in the shower, pricey


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