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The Pros Have Spoken: These Are the Best Holiday Beauty Gifts of 2021

Shhhowercap The Fetti

"If you've ever tried to walk home from the salon in a rainstorm that's more like a spitting mist hitting from all angles, you'll know not even a hood-and-umbrella combo keeps a blowout safe. But let me introduce you to my new hero, the Shhhowercap The Flourish ($43). Yes, it keeps hair dry in the shower, yet you won't find me at Drybar without it on bad-weather days now. Not only does it look so much better than a previous ripped-and-tied plastic-bag hack, but there's no crease left on my forehead afterward, either. I'm pairing patterns with my friends' personal styles this year as a pretty and practical gift . . . even if they only use it in the actual bathroom." — Morgan Ashley Parker, contributing editor, Beauty


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