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The travel accessories you didn’t know you needed

Here is a packing list of items you might forget (or don't know about at all) but should toss in your carry-on suitcase before departure.

The 'Dream' by Shhhowercap
Courtesy of Shhhowercap

Shower cap: While this used to be a staple in hotel bathrooms, it might be hard to find a shower cap in even five-star hotels these days unless you request one. Many hotel chains have signed on to reduce single-use plastic products, and a shower cap is often an afterthought for most travelers anyway. So if you think you might need one, best to plan ahead. Shhhowercap offers a bright twist on the classic shower cap shape. The premium nano-tech fabric repels water on a molecular level, meaning it’s not just waterproof, it’s also hydrophobic—the water beads up and slides off upon contact. Suggested retail price: $43.

Car diffuser with Baies insert
Courtesy of Diptyque

Car diffuser: You don't have to be at home to enjoy Diptyque's sophisticated scents. If you're going on a road trip this summer and looking to mask the scent of fast food in your car, the French fragrance brand has you covered with a car diffuser. Simply attach it to your car's ventilation grill, and you can enjoy the scent of blackcurrant leaves, accented with rose blossoms. SRP: $108.

The 'Luxe Traveler' jewelry case
Courtesy of The Clear Cut

Jewelry organizer: If you're traveling with any kind of jewelry, you need an organizer. You don't want those items getting tangled—or worse, lost forever—while bouncing around in your hand-carry or checked bags. The The Luxe Traveler, by engagement ring maker The Clear Cut, is a prime upscale choice with a buttery soft leather, blush pink option with 22k gold embossment. There are also plenty of compartments for smaller items like bracelets, an earring grid, and dedicated spaces for rings and necklaces. SRP: $95.

Edition Set Glass
Courtesy of Waterdrop

Water bottle with portable drink cubes: A water bottle is always a must, but sometimes plain water can get boring. If you want to liven things up a bit, Waterdrop makes stylish glass and steel bottles—ideal alternatives to plastic bottles—with compact, sugar-free cubes that dissolve in water, enriching it with natural fruits, plants, and vitamins. (Just remember if you're bringing this bottle on an airplane and you go with the glass option, pack it safely in your checked suitcase.) SRP: $69.

The 'Skin Hydrator' capsules
Courtesy of The Nue Co

Hydration capsules: Speaking of hydration, you really can't be over-prepared in this regard during the summer—especially as this summer is expected to break heat records, again. While drinking lots of water is crucial, there are other ways to boost hydration. The Nue Co. makes it easy with its Skin Hydrator capsules. With collagen, aloe, and hyaluronic acid, skin will be plumped and ultra-hydrated, from the inside out. SRP: $45.

Paravel x KonMari Packing Cube Quad in 'Ocean'
Courtesy of Paravel

Packing cubes: For anyone who travels frequently—and especially for travelers with large, checked suitcases—packing cubes can save a great deal of space and frustration. And now two brands synonymous with organization are joining forces. Marie Kondo and Paravel recently released a limited-edition and elegant set of water-resistant organizing cubes. The largest storage cube fits perfectly into the Paravel Aviator Grand checked-sized suitcase. Each new item is made from recycled post-consumer plastic bottles, and the interior of each cube is personalized with various inspiring quotes from Kondo. SRP: $65.

Plat Dish Tote
Courtesy of Aplat

Dish totes: Here's an item for those of you traveling closer to home and love to do a little entertaining at the same time. This tote bag is designed to allow you to carry a dish (such as a pie pan or a square casserole) upright and spill-free. You can slip in a hot dish or plate direct from the oven and use the handles to keep your hands safe. And then it's ready to go, no wait required. This is one of those items you will wonder where has it been your whole life. SRP: $50.

Banana Nut 5 Grain + Seed Oatmeal Packets
Courtesy of Purely Elizabeth

Snacks: After water, the number one thing you should bring when traveling? Snacks. No one wants to be "hangry" or travel with someone who is. And yet it's really easy to forget to pack anything small and quick to eat, and then you end up buying something overpriced and probably not too healthy in the airport terminal or a pit stop. For a little breakfast on the go (or for those of us who like to eat breakfast all day long), granola brand Purely Elizabeth just launched single-serve packets of its five grain and seed oatmeal with coconut sugar (in classic cinnamon or banana nut) that are pre-portioned for convenience, at home or on-the-go. SRP: Starts at $6 for one box of six packets.


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