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Tips for Healthy Hair Growth + My Weekly Hair Routine

I get asked a lot about how I get my hair to grow so long, so fast so I thought I would share my hair tips.

These might not work for everyone but they are a game changer for me.

1. Wash Sparingly (SHOWER CAP IS A MUST)

Washing your hair too much strips it of it’s natural oils, dries out your hair, and if you dye your hair it causes the color to fade quicker. I wash my hair 1-2 times a week and always have. I know that some of you have naturally oily hair but you can train it to adjust to less washes, it just takes time. Before you start judging me.. I do shower more than 1-2 times a week and I recently discovered the best thing ever. A SHOWER CAP. Shhhowercap has created new age shower caps for girls who don’t wash their hair often. This way you can shower or bathe without having to put your hair in a bun making it all frizzy before you get out. Y’all, you need this shower cap.  Less washes means less blow dries, which means less heat, which means healthy hair, which leads me to my second tip.


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