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I haven’t worn a shower cap in at least 10 years. They couldn’t be less appealing, really. Most have antiquated designs and a texture that reminds me of Adidas “swoosh” pants from my high school years. Worse still was that it trapped hot, humid air inside, so basically I was buying a ticket to frizz-city regardless.

Think about it, the design just doesn’t make any sense! A puffy plastic cap that condenses warm droplets of shower water within, it’s like marinating your strands in a dewy rainforest ecosystem, under tacky plastic green swirls for good measure.

Thankfully this epiphany hit Jacquelyn De Jesu – more than likely in the shower – and we’re so stoked she didn’t let it just flow down the drain! SHHHOWERCAPs are fashionable shower caps that feature a modern silhouette and made from a nanotechnology fabric that’s hydrophobic – so it actually repels water. It’s also antibacterial, noise reducing, and machine washable.

SHHHOWERCAP’s launch line features fashion-forward patterns and a rubber grip on the inside band that provides a secure fit without flattening your bouncy blow out, too. It lays closer to your head so there’s no room for warm air to accumulate.

Did you guys give up shower caps years ago, too? What do you think – maybe even cute enough to wear to the corner store, no?


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